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The Timeless Razor

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The straight razor is intimidating. Powerful. If shaving were a sport, the straight razor would be the chosen blade of the big leagues.

It’s also a luxurious experience. A labored process. There is a good reason why we let the professionals—the barbers—wield the blade, while we relax with our eyes closed on their throne. The result is the closest shave known to man.

With our Timeless Straight Razor, you can give yourself this close of a shave at home, too!

Feel the difference of the Genuine Japanese Steel blade honed to perfection against your skin with our handmade straight edge razor. Featuring a durable biblical algum wood handle.


If it was good enough for Solomon to build a temple, then it is good enough for you to shave your face—because basically, your face is your temple.

You are likely asking yourself, what is this guy talking about?

Let me tell you, this blade's handle is made of algum wood, a wood of Biblical lineage. The handle feels great when you hold it—just the right balance and weight. Wood always feels good in your hands. (ahem).


The smaller the mark, the harder the steel. For excellent straight razors (i.e. the ones we sell and design) you will likely see ratings from 60-66HRC.

For comparison, an ax would be about 50HRC, your supermarket special knives are 54-58HRC.

The higher the rating, the harder the material so the thinner/finer the cutting edge can be.


Using our razor removes dead cells, exfoliates skin and keeps the face looking younger. So, shaving those whiskers will also shave years off your appearance.

Because a clean-shaven man is a man who can take care of business, handle great responsibility and command respect from his peers.

We know you’ll love it.

The razor comes shave ready in a beautifully crafted wooden box.

Get your Timeless Straight Razor NOW!

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