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  • The Refined Badger Brush

The Refined Badger Brush

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Handmade with acute attention to detail. The best is the best for a reason. Why not spend just a little more for a men's shave brush that will last a year after year, not a brush that only lasts a few months and will need to be replaced when all the hair falls out. 

This brush is great when used with hard shaving soap, especially for men who prefer a firmer feel during the lathering process, or who have coarse facial hair.

It’s also a great option if you have sensitive skin because of its soft bristles. The brush also has a low shed rate and you’ll experience minimal bristle loss after your first few uses.

While the brush is shorter than some others, it fits comfortably in your hand and provides good control during the mixing and lathering processes. 

Its size also makes it an excellent travel shaving brush.

It comes in three different types of wood:

  • African Mahogany
  • Green Sandalwood
  • Black Alum

Each more majestic than the other...

You will feel the quality when you hold it in your palm.

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