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  • The Manly Groomer Beard Bib

The Manly Groomer Beard Bib

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Like many men trying to find their way in life whilst navigating the stormy seas of circumstances, we had many questions. The primary one being how to trim your beard without having to clean it up afterwards. This was a long arduous journey filled with uncountable peaks and valleys. We swam with piranhas and wrestled an anaconda. We slept on the jungle floor and looked up into the heavens and wondered would we ever find what we so desperately needed, a grooming tool specifically for men with awesome beards. Our search was endless and empty. Finally, we decided to embark on a great adventure, to create our own beard grooming line. It's been a wild ride but now, my bearded brothers, we present to you - The Manly Groomer Beard Bib!

Because we are celebrating the launch of our new product we are giving out the next 97 Manly Groomer Beard Bibs for absolutely FREE, you just have to pay the shipping. How awesome is that?

DON ‘T WORRY ABOUT CLOGGED SINKS & FLYING HAIR CLIPPINGS: Have fun shaping your beard the way you like it without thinking of cleaning afterward. It is also machine-washable so what else could you wish for?

COMPACT TO TRAVEL: Each beard trimming apron includes its self-packing pouch, allowing you to take beard bib with you on business trips, getaways and family vacations in order to keep things tidy in the bathroom of your hotel room or rental.

EASY TO USE: The beard bib apron was designed for men shaving. Attach the neck straps, hold the beard catcher lower edges and attach the suction cups to the mirror, lock the hooks and start trimming your beard let the hair clipping fall neatly down into the apron for easy collection and disposal. Once complete lower over the trash can and gently shake. No more mess, blocked drains or aggravated significant others!

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Super practical and very easy to use. No strings, buttons, laces, or other gizmos and gadgets to break and tangle. Here at Manly Groomer we like to keep things simple and stress free. Life is better that way!

QUALITY THAT LASTS: We never cut corners when it comes to craftsmanship and materials - that’s why our products outperform the rest. What use is a beard bib if it will spill your hair clippings all over the sink mid trim? Good for nothing. We use high-quality polyester that is not only comfortable and aesthetic, but it’s ultra durable. We’ve gone through a very thorough testing process to ensure you get the very best Beard Bib on the market. Double-sided waterproof & anti-static & non-sticky, easy to clean and dry. There is not much more you could wish for. Also, the suction cups work 100% of the time, all the time!

The Manly Groomer Beard Bib has you and your sink covered, literally!

Remember the next 97 products are absolutely FREE so hurry up before we sell out our limited batch!

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Great Product, Easy to use,

Great Product, Easy to use, Thanks to seller, Recommended to all.

Excellent quality product. Very useful

Excellent quality product. Very useful in grooming. The cloth is fine. and the suction clips are very functional. Highly recommended

Nice product. It comes really

Nice product. It comes really handy and keeps the washbasin clean.


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