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  • The Admiral Razor

The Admiral Razor

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The legendary Admiral safety razor is intricately designed to give you a smooth & close shave without irritation.

Mightily forged from premium high-end heavy duty materials. 

It gives you a Pure Raw Classic wet shaving experience regardless of how long you've been in this game. Pop your favourite blade in and enjoy a smooth and close shave that's almost impossible to achieve with conventional cartridge razors or electric shavers.

You will definitely appreciate it’s balanced Mahogany handle with a reassuring weight and feel, that gives a satisfying close shave.

Mahongay is one of the most expensive woods on the planet and has been the preferred material of men of power throughout history.

Hence the name the Admiral.

Not to mention the razor cuts the hair cleanly without the pulling and tugging often experienced with multi-blade cartridges. This means less ingrown hairs, less skin irritation and smooth close shave.

This is an ideal razor, with a blade angle perfectly suited for both new and experienced Double Edge wet shavers no matter their skin type of facial hair length.

Are you ready for an unparalleled shaving experience?

Get The Admiral Razor Today!

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