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Tempest Razor

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Our Tempest Razor aims to provide the most reliable and best possible shave for the modern man.

Made of premium quality materials — from the paint used to double-coat the durable, rust-resistant stainless steel body to the adjustable screws and sturdy pivot pin that holds the handle and the shank together.

It’s meticulous design has been well-thought-out to give you maximum comfort and efficiency.

It was made for frequent shaving and can last for many years, making it the perfect tool.

Not to mention it requires 0 maintenance - doesn’t need stropping or sharpening. Once the blade is dull, just throw it away and replace it with a new one.

Additionally, the weight is perfectly distributed throughout the razor to prevent cuts and to make it easy to maneuver and move the razor around.

Tempest straight edge razor is for men who want to do hair grooming with style. This razor has that feel of classy construction and masculine allure.

Don’t go for the flimsy shaving razor that feels cheap in the hand and doesn’t work well!

Tempest Razor will give you the shave you deserve.

Get yours today!

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