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  • Leather Strap For Straight Razors

Leather Strap For Straight Razors

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The art of wet shaving starts with a good razor and your new strop sharpener. This leather sharpening strop will help you keep your blade sharp and strong for years to come.

Imagine an irresistible face that will be your face after you shave after using it.

Never again you’ll have to endure the painful yank-and-drag agony of a dull shaver, just strop it and watch your razor's edge jump back to life.

Our leather honing strop belt is a wonderful companion to your razor kit. Not to mention it’s a certified barber strop.

It’s solid brass perfectly sewn was designed for durable connectivity, best in class for for a small leather strop. Maximum strength and ease of use. This quality cowhide strop will last for thousands of shaves.

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