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  • Atlas Shaving Razor & Brush Stand

Atlas Shaving Razor & Brush Stand

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The Atlas stand is both masculine and elegant, fits perfectly in any bathroom and will provide great company for your razor and shaving brush. The stand is expertly designed to hold all of your shaving accessories as special slots on both sides keep the shaving brush and the razor suspended.

It provides the ideal conditions for storing the contents of your shaving kit. With a classy and stylish look, the Atlas is an excellent addition to the interior of the bathroom, so it can be proudly displayed rather than hid away in the cabinet. It’s here to make your life easier by creating an organized and tidy bathroom!

The zinc alloy and aluminum frame with a shiny chrome finish and classic design of the shaving stand will ensure that your brush and razor are ideally stored. The Atlas Shaving Stand gets the job done in style.

The convenient holders fit most shaving brushes and razors, facilitating air drying for longer brush life. This unique air-drying process allows for better hygiene and prevents the growth of mold, bacteria, and rust on your razor.

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