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At Manly Groomer we’re a small team with a big entrepreneurial spirit.

When we started this journey nearly 5 years ago, we knew one thing for certain: There were plenty of grooming companies that made luxury, efficacious products for women, but no one was addressing the needs of the modern man.

So we stayed close to our customers (we still do) and listened to what they wanted–and what they didn’t.

What they wanted were no-nonsense products that worked as advertised and used the best materials. 

That’s why we developed a straightforward luxury grooming collection that’s ready to fit into your life with ease. We’ve made the products powerful, too. Fast and efficient, just how you like it. Saving you precious time to live your life without being a slave to your bathroom.

Because at Manly Groomer, we strongly believe men should start and end their day both looking and feeling good.

Our mission is to “Elevate Men’s Handsomeness & Confidence Through Superior Men’s Grooming Products.”


How do we choose the products we carry?

When it comes to products, The Manly Groomer is committed to offering the "best of the best." We know your ongoing appearance is a direct reflection our products, the usage information we provide and maybe a bit of genetics as well (that part is out of our hands). So, instead of showcasing every product under the sun, we solely offer the solutions that deliver maximum results. 


Do we have our own products?

You'll see a variety of products in our store that feature the Manly Groomer crest and name. These shaving and hair care solutions were conceptualized, developed, tested and approved in Barbershops by our expert team of Barbers and Men's Skin Care Experts. 


Why choose Manly Groomer?

Because grooming is no longer something only women do, as men, we deserve to take care of ourselves as well… and finally, we have the products specially designed for our grooming needs! Behind every single one of our products, there is a plethora of scientists, designers, and